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Cyber November

Get in shape with the award winning Justfit Smartsuit - available now at an unbeatable price! Lose weight, gain muscles, shape your body and fight cellulite 60% more effectively, reach visible results after only 4-5 training sessions.

The 20-minute EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) training performed only 2 times a week engages the muscles to such an extent that longer training is not necessary. While very effective, EMS is a completely safe way of working out and has been used by celebrities and athletes for a long time. Madonna, Roger Federer, Heidi Klum, Cristiano Ronaldo and Bayern Munich FC swear by this technology. 

You can burn 500 calories during a 20-minute workout, and another 2,000 after the workout! You can achieve results that you wouldn't be able to achieve with only traditional training.

Check out our cutting-edge EMS smartsuits for home training in different styles! Sale ends on November 30th.