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Justfit was founded in 2013 with the aim to change the world of EMS. And they actually did that. They were the first to develop wireless EMS technology which gave trainers the opportunity of complete mobility and clients the complete freedom of movement during their training. As studio owners Justfit understood the demands of fitness business and their goal was to provide all the help needed for start-ups in the field of electrical muscle stimulation technology for being profitable. They assist their partners with proven business concepts, fitness marketing know-how and a free EMS Academy for trainers.
The Hungarian company is present in more than 35 countries with great success. They are proud of their continuous innovation and importing new practices and technologies to the EMS market. They aim at making the technology of the future even safer and more efficient with their services. Justfit is characterized by unlimited mobility – everyone can find the perfect configuration among their packages from home training to professional group sessions for up to 30 people

Justfit Freestyle VCTRY Lite EMS studio equipment

8.798.000 Ft + ÁFA (11.173.460 Ft)

Justfit Freestyle EMS kit

11.438.000 Ft + ÁFA (14.526.260 Ft)

JustfitPro Boost Exchange

1.098.000 Ft + ÁFA (1.394.460 Ft)

JustfitPro+ Boost Exchange

1.758.000 Ft + ÁFA (2.232.660 Ft)

Justfit Champion elektromos izomstimulációs power öv

118.000 Ft + ÁFA (149.860 Ft)

JustfitPro CLICK-ON EMS kit

5.198.000 Ft + ÁFA (6.601.460 Ft)

JustfitPro VENOM EMS kit

5.198.000 Ft + ÁFA (6.601.460 Ft)